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05/25/2016 15:43

Molluscum contagiosum virus is caused by a poxvirus Molluscipox type that produces a papular rash self-limiting disease multiple benign skin tumors umbilicate. This common viral disease limited to skin and mucous membranes. Transmission requires direct contact with infected hosts or contaminated objects. It is generally accepted that only infects humans, but there are some isolated cases molluscum contagiosum occurring in chickens, sparrows, pigeons, chimpanzees, kangaroos, a dog and a horse. The infection is found worldwide and has a higher incidence in children, sexually active adults, and immunodeficent.

A7. They do not share clothing, towels or other personal items; has no zones electrolysis or shaving bumpy; Do not have sex until you have seen a health professional if you have bumps in the genital area; keep clean areas with irregularities; and if you are in the public or by physical contact with others, keep it covered with pieces of clothes or a waterproof dressing (you can leave discovered when there is no chance that someone will be in contact with the skin).

Hi Jeff, I am still in the recovery process, so I'm not 100% sure whether to completely heal, but it works! I use cotton balls / cleaning pads (organic). 5% diluted organic apple cider vinegar. It might irritate the skin, but I have a high tolerance for pain and burns, and I have had no problems. If it is very tough, I'm covered in plaster above or hovercraft impregnated cotton or cut a square in the cleaning pad, soaking and shivers. I do either under clothing, or overnight. To remove lemon myrtle, I'll do it with a cotton swab to dab. I let both VCA and dried lemon myrtle itself, and reapply after a shower.

The mollusk appears as clusters of small round bumps. Papules in the size of 1-6 mm and can be white, pink or brown. They often have a waxy, bright with a small central well (this phenomenon is sometimes described as ombiliqué). Each paper contains cheese material. YEG found what I thought was a hair growing. I tried to pop, but not pop, as they normally would and there was more blood than usual. I do not think much over time.

The condition is usually limited, so that treatment is not always necessary. Individual lesions can be removed by scraping or freezing injury. may lead to surgical removal of individual skin lesions (topical) is used as is used to remove warts drugs in wound healing, in removing lesions can be helpful. Laser surgery: A dermatologist uses a laser to attack and destroy bosses. This can be an effective treatment for people who have a weakened immune system.




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